News 11.06.2016 - 2 new Trance Tracks

Howdy Pardy Folks,

with some delay two new tracks. This time two fast und pushing Trance tracks. Fragmente goes more towards Melo Trance while Schicksal shows my little preference for Schranz. Currently i work on various Schranz tracks and a ACID special Track.

Release 85 :  Fragmente der Zukunft - Struktur Edit                        
Latest track and started this year. Pushing drums, beats and ARPs (i love arps). It is a bit inspired by the most recent release from Ananda Shanti. Next track "Der Mensch bestimmt sein Schicksal" is stylistically the same style but with more Schranz influence. 8.20min - 144 BPM.

Release 86 :  Der Mensch bestimmt sein Schicksal - der Osten Edit  
The journey continues. Another trance styled Track. This time more monotone and a bit like my old schranz stuff. 145 stompin bpm. Again inspired by Ananda Shanti. 6.40min. - 145 BPM.


Let the music play and feedback is gladly seen - either via mail or on SoundCloud.


News 16.04.2016 - Comeback ... Comeback .. Comeback ... Comeback

Howdy Pardy Folks,

after a 10 years long delay and much more creative development I celebrate a more or less surprising comeback. Meanwhile, much time has passed and so I've actually never stopped tracking Music. The only problem was that I had somehow reached a standstill and because of privat things i did not find enough time and motivation to release and publish new Music. In principle, for me, the story web music was done.

Earlier this year, came Philipp "Stimpy" Giebel regarding a radio show about Radical Rhythms toward me. RR was my first Web-Label and we were something like pioneers in this area. Long story short. After countless emails and thoughts about my music, the radio broadcast and a comeback Philipp had me persuaded successfully to a restart.

It now has almost lasted half a year until I had enough material together and my creativity (I think) had found. However, the RR Radio Show and Stimpy showing a large share of this comeback. Under Links you will find the Show, his radio and the new Radical Rhythms archives.

Besides, it should be mentioned that you can find all new tracks also at Soundcloud.

On the one hand the release a corresponding link to each stream and the other is in the right menu, a reference to SoundCloud. For technical and temporal reasons the new releases are a bit longer available on Soundcloud. In the future, I will try to release a relatively parallel publication.

Release 79 :  Vergangenheit - Andere Zeitlinie Edit - 6.35 min.   
This deep House track was already done at 2010. 130 bpm, a groovy bassline and typical house beats. Remix from release 74.

Release 80 :  Walking down the Street - Tech Edit - 6.09 min.   
And the House story continues. Again a remix from a very old Radical Rhythms release (around 1995). Beats and some elements you will find in classic House styles too but the main goal was a more technical influence. 130 bpm.

Release 81 :  Expedition in eine andere Welt Trance EP             

1 : Sonnensturm - Original Version - 6.16 min. - 146 bpm
2 : Neutronenstern - Original Version - 6.13 min. - 146 bpm  
3 : Eine andere Welt - Die Ankunft Edit - 6.44 min. - 144 bpm

Mostly I have began the tracks from this EP already years ago, but really tracked final versions i tracked last year . From Sonnensturm there were at the end of 4 different versions and our much esteemed VIP - Fan Stimpy was just before a bridge jump. In principle, the respective tracks are intended to represent a journey. Theoretically, I could here to submit a nice story, but my poetic side is not really very strong. Besides, there are all quite fast and dynamic trance songs. One can say to psytrance, but in principle it remains for me trance. Qualitatively a quantum leap to my old trance tracks.

Release 82 :  Richtungswechsel - Einweg Edit - 6.01 min.           

In general, I 'm actually a deep house fan and all the new House Stories (Dirty, Tropic, EDM or Future House) were so far never been my thing. However, you should never forget the dark side of power and "Richtungswechsel" is the first of my new, well as appropriate :), House Style. In principle, I would classify it personally Hard - House, but my old Schranz works were then but a lot more violent . Recent projects have still more influence of EDM, but are still bascially house tracks. 130 bpm Cosmic Standard bpm.

Release 83 :  Bewegungsphase - Original Version - 5.49 min.   
I guess "Richtungswechsel" and "Bewegungsphase" showing which direction my house tracks are taking. Current projects proceed as said more towards EDM or Future House. Besides, I lay still value to intensive bass and beats. Nothing is more monotonous than Bum Bum sizzling with Melo. Sounds like RAVE at 130 bpm .

Release 84 : Wellenformen - Wellen 2.0 Edit - 6.21 min.         
The last track of the old line which I have begun in recent years and then brought to a successful conclusion last year. Harder trance / Psytrance. Kicks at 146 bpm.


So, after a 9 years break it had to simply a thick package appear with new tracks. One thing is certain, it will not again take 9 years until new tracks will be released and, for sure, the good old Cossi is back in full effect.

Feedback is gladly seen - either via mail or on SoundCloud.

Matthias aka Cosmic...

News 16.04.2006 - Releases 75,76,77 und 78..
Howdy Folks,

the beat goes on and get ready for the latest creative work tracked by the Monolab members Myrone, Burt Freedom and Cosmic. 

Release 75 - Zu Zweita by Bang Burt aka Burt Freedom evokes me on the good old disco times. Just a track which you must play serveral times to get it right.

Release 76 - Puto del mar by Myrone is just a fine House track after the fat DŽnŽB releases. It is also a rather catchy tune.

Release 77 - Sittenverfall by Cosmic sounds in german rather angry and devaluating and it is rather angry and harder Schranz stuff. Nothing for typical chartbreaker - consumer. Be sure to get more tracks in the near future.

Release 78 - Schwerelosigkeit is once again a rather releaxed Deep House Track by Cosmic. Just somewhat better than Vergangenheit and it was rather releaxed tracking.

My " Cosmic goes RAP " phun release is delayed because of to much to get for one day. Maybe next week and maybe with some DŽnŽB stuff. A lot of maybeŽs, eh ? :) WeŽll see...

And now, get the newstuff...

yours Cosmic.

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